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Our passion lies in providing you with a unique experience through our recipes that have been passed down for years and complemented to perfection. Our business philosophy distinguishes us from others, and our style is worthy of all the compliments that we receive. Our excellent staff is here for you, to present you with all the possibilities Kumbara has to offer.



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Od sledeće sezone 2018. godine moćićete da uživate u novom restoranu Kumbara u Skadarskoj ulici u centru grada. Od 5.09.2017. restoran Kumbara prestaje sa radom na trenutnoj lokaciji i seli se u strogi centar grada.
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The tradition of our restaurant consists in a wide choice of national dishes with a touch of southern Serbian flavour, as well as a range of modern cuisine specialities, making our offer unique and irresistible.

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Kumbara has organized a great number of weddings and wedding celebrations up to now. Long years of tradition and experience have distinguished us as a professional restaurant specialized in wedding reception services.

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Spomenik Paprici - KumbaraThis bronze sculpture, an artwork by sculptor Milenko Mandic, was unveiled almost ten years ago as a monument to the favourite Serbian vegetable. And this is not even the only monument of Serbian culture here, in the authentic ambiance of Kumbara restaurant garden – it is accompanied by Karadjordje's cannon replica and a well-house.

Widely known for the cultivation of pepper, Serbia has decided to join Mexico's practice of erecting this type of monuments, for if the pepper is what has made Serbia famous, it would be in order for Serbia, in some way, to celebrate the pepper, which can be found as an indispensable ingredient in over a hundred....

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Titova Kuhinja - Ćevapi Kumbara - Leskovački RoštiljLeskovac barbecue has been prepared the same way for the last half of the century and it is made of pure beef. It is very important to let the meat stand for 48 hours, after which it should be seasoned with salt and left for another 24 hours before it's ready for the grill.

Traditionally, it is grilled on a specific type of grill, skara, with charcoal. According to a popular legend, the first Leskovac cevap was made by Dragi Bure, a grill master from Leskovac, about fifty years ago. He took the best quality cuts of beef and cut them into tiny pieces. Back then there were no meat grinders, so he chopped the meat manually. The people liked it, and very soon everyone in Leskovac and beyond accepted ...

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The most beautiful wall in Kumbara Restaurant is decorated with a mosaic measuring fifteen square meters, or even thirty five thousand ceramic pieces. It represents the trademark of the region of Leskovac, but we could almost say the trademark of this restaurant as well – a pepper.

Mosaic is an assemblage of small pieces of natural stone or small, prefabricated cubes made of different materials (glass, ceramic) that form various ornaments or pictures.
These small cubes are bedded into fresh mortar following a previously made outline, and then the surface is polished until it is smooth enough...

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Spomenik Paprici - KumbaraThe word "kumbara" is originally of Persian origin and it signifies a type of ancient grenade, bomb or the actual cannon that launched kumbaras.

Just like many other Serbian words and expressions, this one also came to us from the Turkish language. The dictionary "Turkish words in Serbo-Croatian language" by A. Skaljic quotes a verse from a traditional poem: "From kuduz the big cannon, that kumbara to towns launches". This word came from Turkish to our language with this meaning, although in Persian it also signifies a small jug. But if we recall what the cannons of Serbian rebels from the 19th century looked like, we could see that they actually had the form of long jugs that were...

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