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Kumbara HACCP standards


Kumbara has built its distinguished tradition and reputation primarily by paying special attention to the quality food storage and preparation, as well as to the constant control and maintenance of the quality level and origin of the ingredients. 

In addition, Kumbara has a long tradition of producing its own products, such as minced beef meat, sausages and smoked meat.

Our restaurant also has its own bakery and pastry shop, where our devotedstaff prepares the pastry and cakes using special recipes that have been passed down for generations.

The famous story about Chef Mile, who had worked as the head chef at Kumbara for a long time, tells a lot about the quality of our food. President Tito often sent his private plane to fly Chef Mile with a package of finest Kumbara's minced meat over to the Brionian Islands, where Mile prepared a variety of specialities for the President himself.

Kumbara has always made sure that the team of its employees consists of qualified professionals who can provide top quality service as a result of their experience. As a part of our team, we have professional event managers specialized to organize any type of event or promotion and make sure that everything previously agreed is fulfilled in the best possible manner.

PThe food route represents our professional approach to food processing according to the HACCP standards, in order to preserve the highest quality and utilize its maximum potential.

In the illustration below you can see the way the food travels through the technical rooms.